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At Frontier Agencies, we take pride in ensuring quality products and service through years of experience within the industry.

Resin and Epoxy

Polyester resins are the most widely used resin systems, particularly in the marine industry. By far the majority of dinghies, yachts and workboats built in composites make use of this resin system. Clear casting resin and table top epoxy are both very popular for encasing and suspending memorabilia, coating bars and countertops, river tables, resin art, jewelry, tumblers and more.


We stock all the day to day variants which include Chopped Strand Mat, Woven Cloth, Woven Roving, Continious Roving, Biaxial Roving, Woven Tapes etc.

Polyurethane and Polymer

Our biggest use in this area is for; Boat Flotation, Panel insulation, Cooler box Insulation, Flooring, Art moulds, Moulds for Concrete Castings,Sealants, Engine mountings etc


About us

We are local Suppliers of Resin Fibreglass and Polyurethane for industrial and personal use. Based in East London, we have been in the industry for over 20 years.

Frontier Agencies was established in June 2016 by Andre Wehmeyer and Jonathan Coetzer, initially operating from a small farm in the Dawn area of East London to supply fibreglass raw materials to the Composites community in the Border area due to a request by various clients calling for a more efficient and knowledgeable supplier as the present suppliers were not able to give the support and service they required. This soon led to having to move into larger and more efficient premises in Atlas Road, Arcadia.

Andre had been servicing the industry for 29 years with Jonathan having been his very capable right-hand man for 27 of those years.

From that small and humble beginning the company has flourished and added a full range of Polyurethane products and lately after Adrian Wesson joined us after a stint of 19 years in the Waterproofing business, a full range of Waterproofing, Epoxies and Sealants.

Covering the area from Bushmans River, Port Alfred, Dimbaza, Queenstown and also venturing into Port Elizabeth and the old Transkei we supply a full bundle to a wide range of clients which include Arts and Crafts, Pool building, Taxidermy, Waterproofing and Sealing,  Epoxy flooring, Boat and Canoe building, Automotive and Motorcycle part manufacturing, Tank construction, Vacuum Forming and all the General Moulding done in the greater East London area.

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